At Rainbow Trail, experience the joy of being with old and new friends in a loving, supportive and caring Christian community! Share the excitement of trying new things! Live the wonder of being immersed in God’s creation! Rainbow Trail offers people of all ages the chance to be a leader, to grow in faith, and to experience wonderful adventures in incredible surroundings. Our fun and exciting staff will love you, care for you, and accept you as you are. Come to camp this summer and feel the power of the Holy Spirit as you grow in faith in Jesus Christ!

Rainbow Trail offers opportunities to experience camp whether you’re entering the 2nd grade or are an adult. In addition, most of the commonly asked questions can be answered in the Frequently Asked Questions or the Registration Policies.



Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp invites you to join us for an outstanding opportunity to share in the love and joy of God’s family.  We are an outreach ministry of the congregations of the Rocky Mountain Synod, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  We are located in the heart of the San Isabel National Forest of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.  The majestic wilderness becomes an excellent setting for growth and renewal.   We encourage campers to make new friends and develop new skills while discovering their gifts and growing in their faith.  The strength of our ministry is that Christ is the center of all we do.

Our Bible Studies for 2017 are based on the theme “Breakin’ All The Rules – Following Jesus’ Lead.”  In Jesus’ time, people understood their relationship with God in the form of rules.  But Jesus stepped into their world and didn’t follow the rules.  As we look at Jesus’ life, we see him hanging out with tax collectors, children, women, and “sinners.”  He says there’s a better way. A way where love is the “rule” of the day…love of God and love of others.  This is His call for our lives:  Look at each person as your neighbor.  Walk humbly.  Seek justice. Choose mercy. Serve rather than be served. We are called to “break the rules” for the sake of love.  It’s that easy.  It’s that hard. Our challenge is to see that “breakin’ the rules” for love’s sake is an adventure in following Jesus…a call to make the world different, to welcome those on the margins, and to change the rules!

Rainbow Trail is accredited by the American Camp Association.  This means that we meet the highest standards of the camping industry.  Our summer staff is carefully chosen and well-trained to provide excellent Christian role models for youth.  Come spend a week with us this summer!  We’re eagerly anticipating your arrival!

David K. Jarvis
Executive Director