Work Groups

Late in 2016, Rainbow Trail was approached by a donor who was interested in a list of several site-related improvements that were needed and their respective costs.  Upon receiving the list, the donor presented us with an incredible challenge: the donor generously gave $50,000, half of the money required for all of these improvements, with the hope that the Rainbow Trail community would match that half to raise the rest of the required funds.  We took the challenge and knew that the community would pull through–and it is with great excitement that we announce that we not only reached our goal, but exceeded it by almost $14,000!




We now find ourselves in an unusual and incredible situation: we have the money for site improvement projects, but need volunteers to implement the various changes.  As word has gotten out, several groups have reached out to schedule work weekends with their congregations.  Any and all abilities are welcome, as the project is selected and molded to each group individually.  For smaller projects, it is preferred to have a group of around eight, while bigger projects can accommodate groups of up to twenty.  Work weekends look different for each group involved.  Some bring along their pastor and do services and devotions in the evenings, some come as families looking to give back to Rainbow Trail, and some come as men’s groups looking to do team-building and strengthen relationships in their group.



Interested in Forming a Work Group?

Contact Kyle at to begin the conversation.  We will work with your group to make it a weekend that is not only beneficial for Rainbow Trail, but one that can serve as team-building and spiritual renewal for your group.

Projects Underway

Bristlecone Remodel

BC Bathroom - First Floor

First Floor Standard Bath Configuration

Bristlecone Lodge is our primary building for summer staff and retreat housing. Built in 1979, Bristlecone Lodge has served Rainbow Trail well for many years and is in dire need of updating both cosmetically and functionally. Last year Rainbow Trail was blessed to have new interior plans drawn up by Ernie Cordova. The bedroom configuration will stay relatively similar; however, the bathrooms will be fully remodeled and upgraded. Each downstairs bedroom will gain a vanity outside of the bathroom and closet locations will be changed to make better use of space. Ceilings in all bedrooms will lose the “popcorn” style texture and upgraded to something more modern. Electrical and lighting upgrades will also take place in all bathrooms and bedrooms.

BC Bathroom - Second Floor

            Second Floor Standard Bath Configuration

Upgrades upstairs will include two showers, two sinks, and two toilets per room. Sinks will be separate from showers and toilets to allow use while showers are occupied. One downstairs bathroom will be handicap accessible and ADA approved with a slightly altered configuration.  We estimate the cost of each downstairs bathroom remodel to be roughly $7,000 and each set of bathrooms upstairs to be around $10,000. With other interior upgrades such as hardwood and upstairs kitchen changes, the total anticipated cost of the renovation is around $70,000 for materials alone. The cost of hiring a contractor to do the renovations would significantly increase the project cost, so in an attempt to best use donations, RTLC is seeking an experienced contractor that would be willing to donate their time and begin renovations. A timeline has not yet been established but material purchasing will likely begin in the winter and spring of 2017.

Click here to view the full plans.

Aspen Hot Water Heater and Booster

As much as we think of Aspen Lodge, our dining hall, as a new building, it has been 15 years since the remodel and a lot of activity has happened!  Equipment is starting to show its age; the hot water heater for the kitchen and dining hall is ready for replacement, and the hot water booster for the dishwasher has run its course and needs to be replaced.  This is critical to keeping our wash and rinse temperatures in compliance.

Pavilion Enclosure and HeatingFullSizeRender (2)

We have purchased a canvas enclosure for the pavilion that will make the building functional year-round for us.  The enclosure will radically change our retreating options as we serve groups.  The enclosure will be removable for the late spring, summer, and fall seasons.  When the pavilion is enclosed, we want to install a permanent electric heating system.




Projects Available For Adoption

Kinnikinnick Interior

Golden Banner Cabin Bathroom Upgrades

Golden Banner was built in 1991.  We just upgraded with new interior log siding and hardwood floors, but the bathrooms have not been upgraded.  We want to install new toilets and sinks, tile flooring, and remove the paneling.

Electrical Upgrade Across the Creek

Cabin- Wild RoseAll five of the cabins across the creek have been upgraded with new interior log siding, canned lights, heaters, and tongue and groove ceilings. Because of the addition of the heaters, we now need to bring more power across the creek to be able to use all five of the cabins with the heaters on. Currently we can only use two of the five cabins with the heaters.

Purple Aster Remodel

Purple Aster’s remodel will include the installation of hardwood floors, new interior log siding, tongue and groove ceiling with canned lights, and new heaters.  This is a major facelift to this cabin.

Calypso Remodel


Calypso’s remodel will include the installation of hardwood floors, new interior log siding, tongue and groove ceiling with canned lights, and new heaters.  All of this will radically change the appearance and functionality of this cabin.

Blue Bells Remodel

Cabin- GeraniumBlue Bells is one of our oldest cabins but we really can’t replace it until after we complete the land exchange.  We are, therefore, planning to upgrade it.  This will include the refinishing of hardwood floors, new interior log siding, tongue and groove ceiling with canned lights, and new heaters.

Geranium Remodel

Like Blue Bells, Geranium is one of our oldest cabins that can’t be replaced until we complete the land exchange.  Instead, the upgrade will include the refinishing of hardwood floors, new interior log siding, tongue and groove ceiling with canned lights, and new heaters, which will dramatically improve the appearance and functionality of this cabin,

Eagle Peak Lodge Heating UpgradeEagle Peak

Eagle Peak is our primary Compass Points building.  It is full log construction and is a wonderful space.  We would like to add heating to this building so that we can use it during retreat season as well.

Backup Generator

Currently, we have no backup system if we lose power.  Our refrigerators and freezers, as well as our water system, are all dependent on electric power.  Plugging our system into a backup generator would allow us to still be able to function, even if the power is down.


Interested in Forming a Work Group?

Contact Kyle at!