Thanks so much for your interest in donating to the Compass Points Program!  Every donation helps us continue to provide a faith-centered wilderness experience for all ages in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains!  The list below is split into two categories, a needs list and a wish list.  The needs list lists items that we cannot start the season without, and the wish list is items that we have not budgeted for that would greatly enhance the Compass Points program.

If you’d like to donate an item to our program, feel free to purchase it and send it to camp! :

Rainbow Trail Lutheran Camp
3056 CR 198
Hillside, CO 81232
Or you can send a check with what’s its for written on the envelope or contact our office to donate! (719)276-5233

If you have any questions about any of the items, the program itself or the donation process please contact Sam at and again THANK YOU!

Needs List

($20 or less!)

Bug Spray

Repel Bug Spray

We ALWAYS need this stuff, since we mostly camp around lakes and streams the bugs are around more and more every summer, it’s amazing how much more fun camping can be with a little bug spray around!

($4.97 per bottle, link above)



Nalgene ContainerNalgene 16 oz Container

These containers are a fantastic reusable option for a lot of our food we send on trail for everyday use such as oil, hot chocolate powder, coffee grounds and breakfast tang. Currently we use ziplock bags to transport these items but we’re hoping to reduce our waste more and more every year and this is a great option to help us work towards that goal. These could save 150 ziplock bags from the landfill every summer!

                                           ($4.75 per 16 oz container, link above)


BIC Lighters

We go through about 20 of these a summer and we always need them for cooking, campfires and general handiness!

($14.35 per 12 lighters, link above)




Coleman Fuel

Coleman Camp Fuel 

We use roughly 10-12 gallons per season for our on-trail camp stoves and cooking our backcountry meals.

($14.99 per gallon, link above)



Utility ChordSterling Accessory Chord (5mm)

We use this chord for EVERYTHING! Whether it’s hanging up bear bags while on trail, or hanging up wet tarps to dry when we return back to camp this chord always comes in handy.

($19.90 per 50 ft., link above)





We lend these daypacks out to campers for short hiking days and peak day excursions.  The ones we have currently are suffering from some good ol’ fashioned wear and tear and are in need of some replacements.

($17.99 per daypack, link above)



($50 or less!)

MSR Autoflow CartridgeMSR Autoflow Gravity Filter Replacement Cartridge

We filter all of our water from rivers and lakes in the backcountry, with 3 trips a week and 10 weeks a summer, these water filters quite the hit every year. Luckily they’re built to last and all it takes is a new cartridge to get them running again and keep us hydrated for another season!

($38.47 per cartridge, link above)



AAA Lithium Batteries

We put Lithium Batteries in our SPOT satellite radio devices to guarantee they’re always working for open communication between backpackers and camp while out on trail.

($29.35 per 20 batteries, link above)



MSR Dragonfly Pump

MSR Dragonfly Stove Pump

Dragonfly Stoves are one of the stoves we use out in the backcountry, and when they go down we can usually resurrect them with a brand new pump!  Having spares of these around help us to save money by not having to overnight ship a part and make sure we always have what we need to properly equip groups for the wilderness life.

($34.95 per pump, link above)



MSR Whisperlite Pump

MSR Standard Stove Pump

Whisperlite Stoves are the other type of stove we use in the Compass Points program, like I said above having spares of these are incredibly helpful! (You can also get some last minute REI dividend bucks on these guys, no big deal)

($34.95 per pump, link above)



Rain Suit

Swisswell Rain Suit

Occasionally we get several campers a summer that arrive at camp with no rain gear for their backcountry adventure, since mountain conditions can turn into a lot of rain very quickly we’d love to have a couple good quality rain suits that we can lend out to keep campers warm and dry!

($43.99 per suit, link above)

($100 or less!)



Beverage Pitchers

Our current pitchers are on their last legs down at Eagle Peak Lodge, we’d like to replace the current ones with some new sturdier vessels. 

($65.16 for 12 pitchers, would be ordered by our food distributer*)


($200 or less!)


Kelty PackKelty Yukon 48

These are our main packs we equip campers with before heading out on-trail.  These packs have been an incredible investment for us and don’t go down easily (some are 10 years old and still going strong!).  We’re looking to replace a couple old packs a year just to keep up with normal wear and tear and growing numbers.  We take all sizes!

($169.95 per medium pack, link above)


Wish List

Chest Freezer19.8 Cu. Ft. Chest Freezer

In order to save as much food as possible and cut down on cost, a lot of our food is frozen before it hits the trail so it keeps longer.  Because of this, we run out of freezer space regularly! A bigger freezer would allow us to keep more food fresh longer and this one’s even on wheels for easy mobility when we need to make space for gear and people on a rainy day!

($498, link above)


Melamine Plates, Bowls and Cups

It’s getting close to that time where our dinnerware is starting to need replacing and instead of replacing it piece by piece, we’d like to replace the whole set so it can match!  We use this dinnerware for all of our meals before and after campers get going on/come back from trail.  A lot of cool conversation happens around these plates and it’d be a great update to the program to have a matching set!

(Estimated $250, would be ordered through our food service distributer*)


IMG-0311Canvas Ceiling Cover for Eagle Peak Deck

Our deck off of Eagle Peak Lodge is an incredible space for eating, checking out equipment and conversations during the summer,  it has been a longterm plan to eventually cover the top of the deck with a canvas cover so that the rain doesn’t phase the flow and space of the program.  This is one project that would have a MASSIVE impact for the Compass Points ministry!

(Estimated $4,000-$5,000)